MANDATORY ATHLETES’ MEETING including Weigh-ins & Height-ins

  • • The ABBA Executive will provide you with valuable information, guidelines and answer any questions.
  • • Failure to attend the Athletes’ meeting and get heighted or weighed in will prohibit you from competing, no exceptions.
  • • Your name will be called and you will be instructed on how to proceed.
  • • Competitor numbers are handed out by class and name.
  • • Your competitor number should be placed on your left hip. Place it on the flat plane of your hip to prevent it from twisting or flipping around. Be mindful that the judges should be able to see it clearly.
  • • ALL Competitors are required to wear their suit to weigh-ins for stage approval. Suit inspection AT weigh-ins is MANDATORY. If you intend on wearing more than one suit bring both for inspection.
  • • Fitness – bring your costume for stage approval.
  • • Proof of Alberta residency is required, no exceptions.
  • • ID is required evidencing your age for Masters, Grandmasters and Junior classes.
  • • Competitors under the age of 18 are required to have written parental/guardian consent, no exceptions. Written consent must have an original signature by parent/guardian sent pdf via email or original mailed to be received no later than 5 business days prior to the event, unless other arrangements have been made.
  • • Bring food and water as the process can be lengthy.
  • • Bring cash for photography or videography orders from an onsite representative. Please review the Photography / Videography Tab on the website for more information

BODYBUILDERS (men & women)

You will be weighed in by the ABBA officials &/or Head Judge
Please wear your suit for inspection and approval. Inspection AT height-ins is MANDATORY.

NOTE: If you do NOT make the weight class that you intended to make, you have a maximum of 30 minutes to attempt to reach your desired weight class and weigh in a second time.


Your height will be measured and you will be classed accordingly.
Please wear your suit, bring your costumes (Fitness only) for inspection and approval.
Inspection AT height-ins is MANDATORY.
There are NO shoe regulations for figure, fitness and bikini at this show. Physique does NOT wear shoes.


Music is NOT required for Mens’ Physique, Bikini and Figure.

Bring your music!!! Print your name clearly on the disc which will NOT be returned to you. When you are handing in your disc you will advise the music technician of your competitor number and if you want your music to start when you are “on stage” or “off stage” to walk out after the music has commenced. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE for profanity or inappropriate verbiage / content. The music will be stopped immediately.

Fitness Competitors have 90 seconds on stage.

Bodybuilders and Female Physique have up to 60 seconds on stage.

If your music does not stop after the allotted time frame it will be stopped.

Music Tip: Test your music CD in your car to ensure no malfunction at the show! Bring back up!!!

It is your responsibility to become aware of all the rules and regulations surrounding your conduct and requirements of you in your role at any ABBA sanctioned event.

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