Sportsmanship and Conduct

Sportsmanship requires that a competitor conduct themselves in a manner which will reflect favorably on the sport. Any conduct contrary to that effect is discouraged and depending on the severity of such conduct, can lead to suspension. Such conduct includes, but is not limited to:
  • Making disparaging remarks concerning, but not limited to, any Executive, coaches, competitors, volunteers, promoters, and spectators in the venue location;
  • Making disparaging gestures, remarks or conduct while on stage;
  • Breaking or throwing an award;
  • Damaging or vandalizing the contest venue;
  • Any conduct which demeans you, your fellow athletes, judges or officials.

Competition can be a source of great personal triumph. There are no guarantees. The nature of the competition requires "risk taking". Sometimes you may wind up being disappointed because you did not do as well as you wanted to, or as well as you thought you deserved. Whatever happens, leave the audience with the impression that you are a gracious competitor, that you have dignity and class. The way that you present yourself and take your placement will be remembered long after people remember what place you took.

Please also refer to the ABBA Bylaws.

Suits & Stage Conduct

Any competitor on stage who’s posing on stage falls outside of the permitted guidelines and may be deemed as inappropriate, provocative or disrespectful will get one on-stage or off-stage verbal warning. If such posing continues, the competitor may be removed from the stage and disqualified at the discretion of the Head Judge and/or Executive.

ALL competitors in ALL divisions are to have their suits on at weigh-ins/height-ins. Suits that have been approved as being at 50% coverage at weigh-ins but then pulled up or manipulated on the body to be less than 50% coverage while on stage will result in the same handling as detailed above. This will include any yanking of the suit up and lifting of the breasts while posing and is applicable to all divisions.

Any competitor on stage who is perceived to be unstable, on the verge of fainting or collapsing at the discretion of the competitor, stage marshal, Head Judge or Executive may be removed from the stage for the benefit of the competitor to determine if fit to continue.

Did Not Finish (“DNF”)

Competitors who do not finish the competition by attending the finals in the evening without communication with the Executive, a medical reason or emergency prohibiting completion, will be classed as a DNF with a 2 year suspension. Stepping off stage will not be deemed as a DNF if the competitor had been judged and is able to come back on stage. They would therefore be able to compete in the finals. If a competitor left the stage because they are unwell and were unable to return, they are deemed to have left the competition and would be classed as a DNF without suspension.


The use or possession of alcohol is prohibited by competitors, volunteers, vendors or contributing members and/or venue staff. Any individual found in possession or consumption of alcohol will be removed and/or disqualified from the competition. Further disciplinary measures may follow with a suspension from the ABBA.

ONLY athletes and approved volunteers may be backstage. Trainers / friends / family members are NOT allowed backstage under any circumstances.

It is your responsibility to become aware of all the rules and regulations surrounding your conduct and requirements of you in your role at any ABBA sanctioned event.

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