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A: Up to and including 158 cm (approx. 5' 2")
B: Up to and including 163 cm (approx. 5' 4")
C: Up to and including 168 cm (approx. 5' 6")
D: Over 168 cm (approx. 5' 6")

Open classes are open to female athletes 16 years of age or older. Athletes under the age of 18 must complete a parental consent form.

Masters 35 – 44 years of age
A: Up to and including 163 cm (approx. 5' 4")
B: Over 163 cm (approx. 5’ 4”)

Masters – 45 years of age and over
This class will be one height class only.

Masters competitors must be within the age parameters in the calendar year in which they compete.

All classes must have a minimum of 6 competitors. The head judge reserves the right to merge classes at their discretion.

Competition Rounds

Pre-judging and Finals

Athletes will line up offstage in numerical order. Competitors will walk out on stage in a line as guided by the stage marshal and line up as directed, depending on the number of competitors on stage.

The Head Judge will then call up the line in groups of approximately five (5) competitors and proceed to request the group do the following four quarter turns for comparison: Quarter Turn Right, Quarter Turn Back, Quarter Turn Right, Quarter Turn Front.

Judges will have the opportunity to compare competitors against each other in quarter turns.

The same will transpire in the evening, with top five being called out to remain on stage for official placings.

Physique Assessment will include:
  • overall athletic appearance
  • grooming (hair and facial beauty)
  • overall athletic development of the muscle
  • proportion & symmetry
  • condition of the skin & skin tone
  • presentation (poise, posture, confidence)
Judges will first assess the overall athletic appearance of the physique. The assessment beginning with a general impression of the physique will take into consideration the hair, facial beauty, overall athletic development of the muscle, presentation of a balanced, symmetrically developed physique, condition of the skin, the skin tone and the athlete's ability to present herself with confidence, poise and grace.

The physique will be assessed as to its level of overall muscle tone, achieved through athletic endeavors. The muscle groups should have a round firm appearance with a small amount of body fat. The physique should neither be excessively muscular nor excessively lean and should be free from deep muscle separation and or striations. Physiques that are considered either too muscular or too lean may be marked down.

The assessment will also take into consideration the tightness and tone of the skin. The skin tone should be smooth and healthy in appearance and without cellulite. The face, hair and makeup should complement the "total package" presented by the athlete.

The assessment of the athlete's physique will include the athlete's entire presentation from the moment she walks on stage until the moment she walks off stage. Emphasis will be placed on a healthy, fit, athletic physique in an attractively presented "total package".

Judging Results
Please refer to “Contact Information” on how to go about making contact regarding results and/or feedback.

  • The bikini will be two-piece in style. It can be the athlete's choice of style and color. It can be an off-the-rack suit.
  • The bikini will cover a minimum of 1/2 of the gluteus maximus. The bottom of the suit must be V-shaped. No thongs are permitted.
  • The hair should be styled.
  • Jewelry may be worn.
  • The ABBA Chief Official, or a delegated representative, will have the right to determine if a competitor's attire meets an acceptable standard of taste and decency.
  • Heels must be worn
  • Shoe sole thickness should be a maximum of 1 cm and stiletto should be a maximum of 12cm.
  • The color and style of the high-heels shall be left to the competitor's discretion.

Front Quarter Turn Right Back
Quarter Turn Right    

It is your responsibility to become aware of all the rules and regulations surrounding your conduct and requirements of you in your role at any ABBA sanctioned event.

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