Frequently Asked Questions


Are Annual General Meetings (AGM) or Special Meetings mandatory?
No, they are not mandatory.
However, bursary applications and athlete funding have a mandatory requirement that the applicant have attended the AGM in person or by way of proxy, effective 2016.
While these meetings are not mandatory we encourage all members to be active participants in the decisions and direction of the ABBA.

Can I register for a competition now and pay later?
No. Your registration must accompany payment. Your registration is aborted if you do not continue through with the payment process immediately after.

Can I register at weighins/athlete's meeting?
Yes you may however there is an additional late charge of $100 and you MUST have your membership purchased online prior to the Athlete's Meeting. Please be prepared to provide verification of same.

Can I purchase my Membership at weighins/athlete's meeting?
No. Your membership MUST be purchased online prior to the athlete's meeting. Memberships will not be sold manually as they have been in the past, this manual process has been eliminated.

Can I fill out my membership application and pay later?
No. Your membership must accompany payment. Your membership is aborted if you do not continue through with the payment process immediately after.

I don't have a PayPal account, how can I pay?
You do not require a PayPal account to use your credit card through PayPal. If you require an option outside of a PayPal account or credit card, please contact directly to see what can be arranged.

Can I pay with an online money order transfer?
No, the ABBA does not accept online money order transfers

When does my membership expire?
All memberships run calendar year, meaning they run from January 1 to December 31. All memberships expire on December 31, regardless of the date purchased.

How much does a membership cost?
A Membership for a competitor is $50.00. A Membership for an associate member (non-competitor) is $20.00. This price is a flat rate and expires on December 31, regardless of date of purchase.

What does a membership provide me?
Both membership types, Associate ($20) and Competitor ($50) provide the following:
  • - ability to attend all meetings;
  • - voice your opinions and/or suggestions;
  • - vote;
  • - run for Executive;
  • - participate in the Vendor Discount Program;
  • - participate in free seminars and information;
  • - be on the e-mailing list; and
  • - to be able to compete you must purchase a Competitor Membership ($50).

I have qualified and am competing in the CBBF, do I require an ABBA Membership?
Yes you require an ABBA membership to be eligible to compete in a CBBF competition. As an ABBA member, if you are registered and compete with the CBBF, the ABBA will pay all of your CBBF dues.

I am not able to compete, can I get a refund?
Memberships are absolutely non-refundable and non-transferable. Registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable. Special emergency type circumstances regarding registrations are handled on an individual basis at the discretion of the Executive.


What tanning or stage products are banned by the ABBA?
Dream Tan #1 (only #1, #2 IS permitted), Pam & Hot Stuff

Should I cover up my tattoos?
Depending on the tattoo placement and the density of the ink, tattoos can be distracting and obscure definition. While athletes do have the option to cover up a tattoo, the cosmetics used to cover a tattoo often obscure definition moreso than the tattoo(s) themselves. Stage tan is typically dark enough to disguise tattoos quite well. However, this is personal choice that you and/or your coach need to determine with respect to the type of package and overall look, if applicable, you wish to bring to the stage.

Can I have alcohol backstage?
No. Not only is it not permissible to have personal open liquor in a public location, it was confirmed at the August 11, 2013 Special Meeting that the use or possession of alcohol backstage or during an ABBA sanctioned event by competitors, volunteers, vendors or contributing members and/or venue staff is prohibited. Competitors caught will be disqualified, any other person will be removed from the premises and members/competitors may be subject to a 2 year suspension from the ABBA.

Do I need a membership to compete?
Yes an ABBA Competitor Membership ($50) is mandatory to compete.

Can I compete in both bodybuilding and physique OR more than one of bodybuilding, physique, bikini and figure at the same event?
No. Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique, and Bikini are considered separate divisions. You cannot compete in two divisions at the same event. The ONLY class cross over permitted is Junior and an Open class OR Masters, Grand Masters and an Open class.

How much does it cost to register to compete with the ABBA?
It is $75.00 to register in one class each additional class is $25. A membership is mandatory to compete and costs $50.00. NOTE: You are only eligible to compete in ONE division, so the only time you will pay for two classes is if you are doing the Masters/Jr and Open classes within the same division.

Can my coach and/or family member(s) come backstage with me?
No. No person(s) are permitted backstage other than the competitor and those individuals designated by the promoter and/or the ABBA. Should coaches, friends and/or family members be removed from backstage to see a specific competitor, the competitor may be subject to disqualification.

How do I choose what competition to compete in out of Northerns or Southerns?
  • If you live in Red Deer or South, you compete in Southerns
  • If you live North of Red Deer, you compete in Northerns.
  • If you choose the wrong event, you will be moved into the appropriate event based on your residential address provided.
(Note: ID and proof of residency is required at weigh ins). Juniors, Masters & Grandmasters will compete in whichever competition holds these divisions they rotate from year to year. If you are competing in the Juniors, Masters and/or Grandmasters division and wish to compete in the open as well, you are permitted to compete in the open class at the same competition regardless of your residential location.

I placed top 5 in another fitness organization, can I advance to Tier 2 with the ABBA?
No. Placings in other associations have no impact on how you advance through the ABBA qualification system.

If you have attained Pro status in any other fitness organization, you are ineligible to compete at any ABBA event. If you wish to relinquish your Pro status in order to compete, you must do so, in writing, to both the fitness organization itself as well as the Secretary and President of the ABBA. If you do so and are found to have returned to compete as a Pro after having competed as an amateur with the ABBA you will be banned, for life, from competing in any of the ABBA events. If you have questions regarding this matter, please direct them to

What is the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2?
Tier 1 is always an entry level division where no pre-qualifier is required. Tier 2 generally requires the competitor to be qualified to compete from their placing at a Tier 1 competition, unless specifically indicated otherwise.

How do I know which weight class to choose when I register?
Estimate what your weight will be at the time of weigh ins, the night before the event. Refer to the Bodybuilding Tab on the website and choose your respective class name based on your estimated weight. This can always be changed at the time of weigh ins.

No you cannot. ID and proof of residency is required at weigh ins. The only exception is the NWT.

If I placed top five in one category (ie. Figure / fitness/ bodybuilding / physique / fitness) can I cross over and compete in another division at the next level?
All cross overs of this nature should be pre-approved. Please email directly.

Email IFBB Pro Robert (Bob) Sano:
Requests for feedback must be submitted within 30 days of the date of competition.
Only Top 15 will be eligible for judges feedback.
Head judge will delegate feedback to a select panel of judges that judged the event, as appropriate.

NOTE: if your request does not include the following, it will NOT be responded to:
Event Name:
Stage Photos:
Please be patient on the turn around of feedback due to the volume of competitors requesting same.

I am under the age of 18, can I compete?
Yes you can compete if over the age of 15 with written parental consent. Bodybuilding has a Jr. Division for ages 21 and younger but you are also eligible to compete in the open bodybuilding weight class. In Bikini, Fitness, Figure, Physique you would be eligible to compete in any of these open weight/height classes.

What type of bikini bottoms can I wear?
Bikini Bottoms
Bikini bottoms must cover 1/2 of your glutes for all ABBA events. "Micro Cheeky" is NOT permitted, nor is a thong or bootie shorts. "Brazillian Cheeky" and "MidCoverage Cheeky" may be permitted as long as they cover 1/2 of your glutes. Suits will be checked and approved at weighins. Should you wear anything on stage less than the 1/2 rule, you will be removed from the stage. (NOTE: CBBF requirements are 1/3.)


What should I do if an error message occurs when I am submitting my registration and/or membership?
Screen capture or type the content of the error message and forward it to Our tech support will determine if the issue is related to the web server, PayPal, etc. and communicate a suggested resolution, if possible.

I can't access the membership/registration pages, what do I do?
Once an event registration has closed at 5pm on the date indicated, the registration page is no longer available. You will need to register as a walk-in at the event. If you are having difficulties accessing the Membership page, please ensure that Javascripts are enabled in your browser and that you have refreshed the page. If you experience an error, please forward a screen shot of the error to for troubleshooting.


Can a person make a monetary donation to the ABBA?
While the ABBA will accept cash donations towards our current bursary programs or funding, please note that we are a Not For Profit Organization not to be confused with a Charity. As such we are not in a position to issue tax receipts.
Cash donations towards a bursary issued to top 3 competitors at events, must be received no later than 15 days prior to the event. The ABBA needs to administer the donation appropriately and would like to promote you and your donation (if desired), as well as ensure some type of balance between class donations, where required, to the extent it can be.
It is with the deepest sense of grattitude that we find it necessary to make this information available. Please contact with any questions or concerns.