ABBA Promoters

John DirksJohn Dirks – Promoter, Donna and Brian Logue Provincial Bodybuilding Championships; CBBF National Bodybuilding Championships

My passion is Fitness. I believe anyone can achieve a level of fitness that they are happy with. Nothing inspires me more than an individual who takes few steps to improve their health.

I enjoy promoting Fitness and Bodybuilding Special Events. As a former competitive bodybuilder I wanted to stay involved and give back to the sport.

I am married to a beautiful red head named Cheryl. We were married July 11th, 1992 so if you are good at math we just celebrated our 20th anniversary! We have 3 gorgeous daughters all with varying shades of red hair. Sara is the oldest born July 2nd, 1996, Elisabeth (Libby) born July 7th 1998 and Abigail (Abby) born August 23rd 2000. Oh and we have a handsome little bichon shih tzu named Gus!

Cabel McElderryCabel McElderry, Cabel's Fitness FX

Ty Hamdan, Muscle Beach Fitness Shop Inc.